SWP Calculator with Inflation – Systematic Withdrawal Plan

Mar 22nd 2024

SWP Calculator with Inflation – Systematic Withdrawal Plan, You may determine how much you can make from a lump sum investment over a mutual fund on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis by using the Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) Calculator. Let's use the following scenario: you have a lump sum of around Rs. 50 lakhs and you anticipate earning Rs. 60 thousand on a monthly basis. SWP may help you in these circumstances. You can use a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (Swiss Withdrawal Plan) to put your money into any mutual fund.

What is a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)?

First, let me briefly define an SWP for those who are unfamiliar with it. Skip this part if you are aware!

An SWP automatically takes money out of your investment each month (or at any other periodicity) to make sure you have a steady stream of income to cover costs.

Consequently, you may set up an SWP to take Rs 10,000 each month if you have, say, Rs 10 lakh in a fund. The fund would give you cash after redeeming units worth this Rs 10,000.

Why Choose SWP?

There are numerous benefits of choosing a Systematic Withdrawal Plan including:

  • One benefit is that you end up paying less tax on the amount you take out than you would if the same amount were paid to you as interest on a fixed deposit.
  • Two, an SWP offers greater flexibility since it lets you adjust the monthly withdrawal amount to fit your needs. You may set it as low or higher as needed. Doing so with a set deposit is challenging. Additionally, it's simpler to access and withdraw more money to cover any unforeseen major expenses.
  • Three, it is a significantly superior replacement for mutual funds' dividend pay-out option. You do not have to wait for the AMC to declare your monthly income; you are free to determine how much you want to earn. As we will see in the sections that follow, it is significantly preferable in terms of taxation.  Note that as of April 1, 2020, dividends are fully taxable in your name.

Although SWPs from any fund can be used to generate income, it is ideal to choose a low-volatile asset class, such as a debt fund.  You must pay tax on the capital gain—that is, the difference between the purchase price and redemption price—when you make a withdrawal. This capital gain is subject to taxation at your slab rate if the holding term is shorter than three years. Gains are subject to 20% taxation with an indexation advantage for longer holding periods.

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How Much Should the SWP Be? Be Reasonable At All Times!

The rate of withdrawal is crucial when setting up a savings and loan account. Many of you desire that your corpus remain whole, or at least not quickly diminish.

The rate at which you withdraw funds must correspond with the estimated return that the debt fund can provide.

If yes, the pace of withdrawal ought to be such that the capital is not rapidly depleted and the returns have time to compound. This makes the corpus more durable. You won't make enough money if the rate is too low.

How to Make Use of SWP Calculator?

The SWP Calculator is incredibly simple to use. To obtain the result, simply enter the following information and click the "Calculate Now" button:

  • The initial amount you wish to put in a mutual fund is one single sum (in Indian rupees).
  • SWP/Monthly Withdrawal Amount (Rupees): The monthly withdrawal amount that you desire.
  • Time: How long would you like to see the SWP go on?
  • Anticipated Return Rate (%): The percentage return you anticipate receiving from the mutual fund in which you want to invest
  • Inflation Rate (%): This input is optional. You can enter the inflation rate (in percentage terms) to obtain a return computation that accounts for inflation.
  • The computation result includes a growth chart, an investment description, an expected profit, and the fund balance at the end of the fund life.

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How to Gauge Inflation Using a SWP Calculator?

It is crucial to measure inflation relative to investments. The process that gradually lowers the value of any currency, including the rupee, is known as inflation. For instance, if inflation is around 7% annually, 100 rupees will only be worth 92 rupees the next year. Therefore, it is wise financial practise to account for inflation when determining the return on assets. You can account for inflation while using Investkraft’s SWP Calculator.

To complete the calculation, simply enter the "Rate of Inflation (%)". For example, to calculate the average rate of inflation, enter 6 in the "Rate of Inflation (%)" section and press the "Calculate Now" button if you believe it will be around 6%. Within the 'Growth Table,' the modified inflation in every row. 

Advantages of using SWP Calculator

  • It's quick! When calculating the complicated SWP manually, the SWP Calculator may save a great deal of time and work.
  • It is simple to operate. Because of its design, the calculator is usable by everybody.
  • Using an SWP, you may approximate your monthly revenue.
  • We may calculate inflation-adjusted returns using the SWP Calculator.
  • SWP Calculator's finest feature is that it's free.

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When may someone utilise an SWP?

An SWP is an excellent tool to use if an investor needs funds on a regular basis at regular periods. An SWP may help with a number of recurring expenses, including as paying for retirement expenses, children's schooling, weddings, and EMI repayment.

Is there a set amount for withdrawals, or may I choose?

With an SWP, investors can choose to make monthly or any other periodic withdrawals to meet their own needs; there are no set withdrawal amounts.

Is it possible for non-retirees to invest in an SWP?

An SWP is open to all investors, retired or not. Anyone can invest in mutual funds because it's only a means of doing so.

The Conclusion

The SWP Calculator from Investkraft is a free financial calculator to use. The SWP Calculator may be used by anybody who want to project how much money they will get from a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP). It takes less time and is simple to use. Manual SWP calculations can be laborious and time-consuming. Here, all you have to do is provide a few details to receive the result in a matter of seconds. 


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