About Investkraft

Investkraft is revolutionizing the way India manages its financial needs. We're a fintech platform built with one simple vision: to make managing your finances easy, accessible, and convenient for everyone.

Forget juggling between countless apps and websites for different financial services. With Investkraft, you will get all BFSI services under one roof, from lending and investments to insurance and payments. We're constantly adding more services to ensure you have everything you need, right at your fingertips.

But we're not just about aggregation. We're passionate about making finance understandable and approachable for everyone, regardless of their background or financial literacy. That's why we offer our platform in multiple vernacular languages, making it truly accessible to the diverse Indian population.

And because we understand the importance of human connection, we embrace a phygital model. This means you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of a digital platform combined with the personalized touch of human assistance. Our network of best partners is always ready to guide you through your financial management journey.


Our Vision

Our leadership has envisioned an Investment Portal dedicated to financial services provisions in the native language. After setting up provisions for 8 services out of 35, we started our operations with the B2B2C Tie-ups. We are also acquiring customers digitally in a B2C manner.

We plan to launch our Next Phase, with the services, US Stocks, Insurance, Insta-Cash, Digital Gold via SIPs. Beginning our journey for more than 1 year now since June 2022, we started by ideating on how we can solve the problem of providing BFSI Services in the native language in a country with a population of 1.4 billion interacting in more than 122 major languages and vernaculars.

Leadership Team

Our Business Beloveds

Our family keeps getting bigger and bigger

When we started, we were a handful of passionate individuals committed to providing the best-in-class investment services to the common people. Along our wonderful journey, we have garnered much-valued relationships with some of the bests in the country.

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What we can do for our customers ?

InvestKraft provides best-in-Class services to its clients. Our financial services are tech-enabled & provide a seamless experience to our customers.

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    Investment at your comfort

    Start your journey by investing any sum with us to kickstart your journey.

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    No-Cost Investment Account

    InvestKraft charges no fee for account registration and its maintenance.

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    We are just a call away

    InvestKraft provides 24*7 customer support to our clients for any investment query(s).

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    Ahead of the Market Trends

    Our services are percolated by solid market research, yielding better results. We offer options for investments..

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    Seamless User Experience

    InvestKraft’s portal offers its clients a smooth navigation experience through its app.

InvestKraft makes online investment simple.

Super-App for Super-fast Investment Returns

You can track all your Investments at a one-stop investment portal, be it Mutual Funds, FDs, Loans , and more.

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