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NSC Calculator – An Overview

Fixed income is provided via the National Savings Certificate (NSC) programme. It is one of the most widely preferred saving options in India. This programme may be enabled at any Post Office. The Government of India is the organization which manages the NSC plan.

As a result, it ensures returns. This savings bond promotes saving among those with low and mid-level incomes. They may also receive a tax advantage. Section 80C of the Income Tax Act exempts NSC investments up to Rs 1.5 lakhs from taxation. They have a five-year lock-in term. Fixed interest is earned on NSC certificates. The interest rate at the moment is 7.7%. NSC is a safe and low-risk instrument, just as other fixed-income instruments like PPF and Post Office FDs. The bare minimum is Rs 100.

What is NSC Calculator?

A user can determine the future value or the maturity proceeds of the money invested in NSCs with the use of an NSC calculator. Simply enter the amount invested and the current interest rate (7.7%), and the calculator will provide the NSC's maturity value after five years.

The interest earned from the investment made in the NSC compound over the years until maturity. Hence, the returns from NSC investment can be calculated using the compound interest formula. The formula to calculate the final maturity value in NSC is:

A = P(1 + r/100)^n


A = Eventual worth value of the maturity

P = Initial invested amount

r = Rate of interest provided

n = number of years, i.e. the maturity period

One lakh rupees invested in an NSC at a 7.7% interest rate, for instance, will yield 1,44,903 rupees when it matures. That is, at the conclusion of the fifth year.

NSC Calculator (FAQs)

It's simple to use NSC Calculator. All that is required is some information as given below:

  • Visit Investkrat's NSC Calculator.
  • Enter the amount you wish to invest. The value of an investment has no upper bound. Please be aware that the amount you enter must be a multiple of 100.
  • The NSC Calculator's duration is fixed for five years since it takes five years for the NSC to develop.
  • For this system, the interest rate is likewise set. However, you may alter the interest rate using the NSC calculator.
  • Once your inputs are complete, use the "Calculate Now" button to obtain the result. The outcome comprises the growth table, maturity year, and maturity value.

There are several benefits of using Investkraft’s NSC calculator like:

Simple to use: Using the National Savings Certificate NSC Calculator is easy. The investor only needs to input the investment amount. The maturity amount is calculated as soon as the investor clicks on calculate.

Accuracy: The NSC calculator was constructed with care. The computations are consistently correct.

Saving time: An investor can save time by using a National Saving Certificate Calculator. Investors are spared the headache of performing calculations by hand. They carry out intricate computations in a matter of seconds.

Free of charge: Investors are welcome to use the NSC calculator as many times as necessary.

Future planning: Accurate financial planning is possible for investors. The NSC maturity calculator provides the precise return on investment that an investor will get at maturity.

NSC is one of the post office savings programmes supported by the Indian government. Investments in NSC are regarded as safe and return on investment is guaranteed.

Currently, NSC pays an interest rate of 6.8%. Until the NSC matures, the rate agreed upon at the time of issue remains unchanged. The interest is paid at maturity but is compounded annually. When compared to five-year bank deposits or corporate deposits with comparable risk profiles, the rate of interest payable on an NSC is now more appealing. The rate of interest payable on all modest savings plans, including NSC, is reviewed by the Indian government once every three months. As a result, investors would be better off confirming the rate of interest at the time of their investments as the rate of interest due on NSC may fluctuate from time to time.

Section 80C of the Income Tax Act of 1961 provides tax advantages. The interest is subject to income tax at the time of maturity, according to the tax slab rates.

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