HRA Calculator

Exempted HRA

₹ 0

Taxable HRA

₹ 3,50,000

Salary (Basic p.a)


Dearness allowance(p.a)

₹ 10000
₹ 2500000

HRA received(p.a)

₹ 10000
₹ 2500000

Total rent paid(p.a)

₹ 10000
₹ 2500000

Working In Metro City?

HRA Calculator – An Overview

One of the crucial parts of your pay is your house rent allowance (HRA). All companies are required to offer HRA as reimbursement for housing expenses. The majority of us are unaware that we may also save tax on it, though. The employee's wage structure, actual salary, and the city in which he or she resides are taken into consideration when determining the HRA amount. Our HRA calculator will help you determine your tax obligation if you are a salaried worker renting an apartment.

HRA Calculator

Over the past ten or so years, the cost of living has increased significantly in the majority of Indian cities. Along with inflation, one factor contributing to this is a rise in disposable income. Many companies offer House Rent Allowances, or HRAs, to workers who rent homes in order to secure their welfare. You can figure out how much you get as an allowance with our HRA calculator.

The HRA slabs in India have undergone significant alteration as a result of the 7th Pay Commission's recommendations. Cities have now been divided into three separate slabs. The most metropolitan cities in Slab X are those where an HRA exemption calculator is obviously necessary. Minorly affordable cities are covered by Slab Y.


HRA Calculator (FAQs)

According to Section 2A of the Income Tax Rules, the HRA is free from taxation. The least of the following is exempt from salary under Section 10(13A) and does not count toward taxable income according to Rule 2A.

HRA received in actuality from the employer

For residents of major cities: 50% of the basic income plus the deferred compensation.

40% of (Basic Salary + Dearness Allowance) for residents of non-metropolitan areas

10% of (Basic pay + Dearness allowance) less the actual rent paid.

The following are the main benefits of utilizing Investkraft’s HRA calculator in India:

  • The calculator is error-free. It is available for as many uses as you choose.
  • Based on the calculations, you can request tax exemptions.
  • Finally, the calculator handles each variable that is involved in the HRA computation.

Salaried workers who pay rent and get a house rent allowance as part of their compensation may be eligible to fully or substantially decrease their taxable income by claiming an HRA exemption.

At least, the below conditions need to be met to avail tax exemption:

Actual rent should be less than 10% of adjusted total income and should not exceed Rs 5,000 per month.

Adjusted total income calculation - Total income less I long-term capital gain (ii) short-term capital gain (iii) income under Section 115A or 115D (iv) deductions from 80C to 80U (except deduction under Section 80GG).

A self-employed person is not eligible for an HRA exemption. An HRA exemption may only be used by salaried people whose compensation includes an HRA component.

Generally speaking, government workers, those working in the public sector, and retirees get dearness allowance as part of their compensation as an adjustment for living expenses. To account for the effects of inflation, dearness allowance is computed as a percentage of base income.

Large businesses include an HRA in the employee's compensation to help with housing expenses. Of the following, HRA exemption is permitted least:

If the leased property is in a metropolis like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, or Chennai, the employee's actual HRA will be 50% of salary or 40% of pay, depending on whether the city is one with a large population.

Actual rent should not exceed 10% of income.

The compensation would contain a base amount, a dearness allowance, and a certain percentage of commission for the calculations above.

The HRA component's taxable share ought to be listed under 'Salary as per Section 17(1).' Allowances to the extent exempt under Section 10 must be added to the HRA component, and it must be included in pay income in accordance with Sections 17(1), 17(2), and 17(3). Please be aware that the Form 16 component is automatically filled out if you file an ITR online through Clear. Up this situation, confirm the Form 16 amount that was automatically filled in with data.

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