Personal Loan For Low CIBIL Score in Bangalore

Dec 7th 2023

Personal loan for low CIBIL score in Bangalore, When you want a loan but are unable to obtain one due to your poor credit history, Investkraft’s Bad Credit Loans in Bangalore can assist you in resolving your financial difficulties. A poor credit score, also known as a low credit score, represents a low ability to repay debt. Because of this, many lenders are hesitant to provide you a loan if your credit score is low. Lenders have thus denied your loan request. Not many lenders believe that having you default on your loan will put them at more danger.

Importance of CIBIL Score

Lenders use your credit score to determine how likely you are to repay a loan. This score provides an overview of your credit history, credit utilisation history, credit repayment history, and other relevant information. Since a personal loan is an unsecured loan and the lender has no other assets to fall back on, all of this information helps the lender decide whether or not to issue you a loan.

It's not totally true—despite what you may have heard—that you cannot obtain a personal loan if your CIBIL score is low. These are the steps you should take in spite of a low CIBIL score in order to obtain a personal loan.

How To Get a Personal Loan for a Low CIBIL Score in Bengaluru?

To assess your likelihood of repaying a loan, lenders look at your credit score. Furthermore, you could have trouble getting a personal loan if your CIBIL score is poor. It is thus advised to keep your CIBIL Score at 685 or above in order to qualify for a personal loan.

Even with a poor credit score, a lender could still accept your application for a personal loan if you have been given a rise or have another source of income. Even with a low CIBIL score, the lender is more likely to approve your loan application if you can demonstrate to them that you have a reliable source of income and employment. However, if you demonstrate your eligibility in this way, you could have to pay a higher interest rate on your personal loan.

Request a reduced personal loan amount.

A poor credit score simply means the lender is taking on greater risk when you ask for a large amount. From the lender's perspective, these are signs that you might not make your loan payments as agreed. Let's say you request for a personal loan in a smaller amount. Given that a smaller loan amount is simpler to repay, a lender could be more willing to provide you a loan in that situation.

Apply together with another applicant or obtain a surety.

If you have poor credit, you can still get a personal loan if you have a co-applicant or guarantor. Naturally, because the other candidate will also need to complete KYC procedures and give signatures, you will need to ask them in advance. The main advantage is that you have a higher chance of getting approved for a personal loan if your lender determines that the co-applicant or guarantor has a stable income and a higher credit score.

Rectify errors in your CIBIL report

There can be mistakes in your CIBIL report. This typically occurs when your record hasn't been updated with the most recent data. These kinds of errors might negatively impact your credit score without your fault. Thus, it is imperative that you periodically review your free CIBIL report and make any necessary corrections. Your credit score will rise as a result, improving your loan application.

Ask your lender to take into account the NA or NH on your credit report.

The lack of credit in the last 36 months or the absence of any prior credit activity is shown by the NA or NH on your credit report. You might not have a credit score on your CIBIL report in such a situation. Thus, you might try to discuss your credit inactivity with your lender. This loan will probably come with a somewhat elevated interest rate from the lender.

Can I get a personal loan with low CIBIL score in Bangalore?

Lenders initially look into your creditworthiness when you ask for a personal loan using your CIBIL Score. A person may not have a CIBIL Score if they have no credit history, or to put it another way, if they have never taken out a loan from a lender and do not possess a credit card. This type of applicant can still obtain a personal loan by providing documentation such as income statements and evidence of work. Borrowers may also choose to take out a combined loan, locate a guarantor, or think about putting up collateral in the form of a house or automobile.


Is it possible to get a personal loan with low CIBIL score?

Yes, there are many lenders in the market today that offer personal loans to people with low CIBIL score.

Which personal loan has the lowest CIBIL score?

While different lenders have different minimum acceptable CIBIL scores for personal loans, generally speaking, a score of 685 or above is thought to be the minimum need. On the other hand, a higher credit score increases your chances of getting approved for a loan and can help you get a better loan with better conditions and a lower interest rate.

For what purpose should I declare my loan?

You can use personal loans to get money for various needs like a family wedding or emergency finances for further schooling or trips. When you apply for a personal loan, you might state why you're taking it out.

The Conclusion

Even with a low CIBIL score, you may still obtain a personal loan by doing these steps. But be sure you have enough money saved up for payback. Your credit score will further decline if you don't. You may plan your payments appropriately by using the Personal Loan EMI Calculator to determine your EMI well in advance. As a last option, you might see if you can obtain a personal loan by pledging valuables like jewels or real estate.


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