How To Cancel a Personal Loan Once It Is Disbursed?

Nov 18th 2023

Cancel a personal loan once it is disbursed, Understanding personal loans can be a bit confusing, especially when you want to cancel one after it's been approved. Getting a personal loan online is easy these days, but if you want to cancel it, you might have to deal with fines, prepayment penalties, and negotiations with the lender. This post explores the feasibility of canceling a loan, the associated costs, and ways to go about it. From quick loan apps to customer care and pre-closure options, it provides insights into the process. Ultimately, careful consideration before applying is emphasized to avoid financial repercussions.

Applying for a personal loan is a simple process in the current digital era. Numerous applications, websites, banks, and non-bank financial institutions provide personal loans or quick loans for individuals. To be clear, a personal loan is an unsecured loan that the borrower can utilise for whatever reason they see fit. The online personal loan application tool guarantees quick approval and payout.

Although applying for a loan is simple, is it also simple to cancel one once the transaction has been confirmed? Let's say you apply for a personal loan without fully understanding the terms and circumstances or the amount of the monthly installments. Afterward, you discover that you are unable to make the required EMI payments or are shocked by the interest amount. Alternatively, you can discover a lender providing a personal loan with terms and circumstances that are more agreeable and considerably lower interest rates. Is it feasible to terminate the loan under these circumstances?

The loan may be cancelled if it has been approved but not been distributed. However, you must act quickly since certain lenders will pay out the loan as soon as the sale is finalised. In other situations, this might happen in as little as four hours. There will be restrictions and conditions specific to each lender that govern cancellation. In certain situations, this might result in fines and costs.

But when the loan is granted and paid back, it's much harder and more expensive to cancel. Reversing the loan will probably be regarded as an early payback when it is disbursed. Most companies that provide quick personal loans have a prepayment penalty. This might be two percent or more of the principle that is still owed. Thus, the prepayment penalty might be as high as INR 20,000 or more if you apply for a personal loan of INR 10,000,000 and decide to cancel it even a minute after it has been disbursed. Furthermore, you will already have paid the processing costs and the lost GST. Nonetheless, you can attempt to bargain with the lender to get the penalty waived in whole or in part. Your relationship with the personal loan service provider and their lending policies will be the only factors influencing the decision.

It is expensive to cancel a loan once you have selected your lender, the loan agreement has been signed, verified, and funds have been disbursed. Therefore, because of processing fees and prepayment penalties, cancelling the first loan or moving it to a new lender may not wind up being more economical in the long run, even if you discover one with significantly better conditions and lower interest rates than the first.

But, it's possible that you apply for a personal loan without doing the necessary calculations for a very trivial expense and later find that you won't be able to make the monthly payments. Regardless of how painful it is, it is preferable to pay the penalty and cancel the loan in this situation. Remember that every EMI payment default has an impact on your credit score. This therefore has an impact on your future capacity to leverage a loan. Furthermore, lenders will charge you greater interest rates the worse your credit score is.

Therefore, before submitting an application for a personal loan, it is quite good to consider your options. Before deciding on a loan, do your homework and research their interest rates, fines, EMIs, and other terms and circumstances.

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Ways To Cancel a Personal Loan Once It Is Sanctioned

There are numerous ways a person can cancel a personal loan once the loan amount is sanctioned.

Quick Loan Apps

These days, personal loan applications are frequently submitted using rapid loan apps. Before your loan is approved, you have the option to withdraw or end the process at any time.  Following loan approval and contract confirmation, loan payout will occur; nevertheless, there is no assurance that the personal loan will be cancelled.

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Customer Care

If you apply for a long-term personal loan without using an instant loan app, it is advisable to communicate your desire to cancel in a clear and concise email or formal letter to the customer care staff. In this correspondence, you should specify your reason for cancellation and inquire about the process.

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Prior to the personal loan agreement confirmation, this procedure is not feasible. Pre-closing a loan entails paying off the personal loan account as soon as feasible and paying off the installments ahead of time. Penalties are assessed during the pre-closure process to make up for the interest rate that the lender was unable to collect through EMIs.


Is It Possible to Get a Personal Loan for Travel or Vacation?

Sure, You may use personal loans to finance a variety of goals, such as your desire to travel the world and see far-off places.

How Might My Personal Loan Be Foreclosed Upon? Will The Foreclosure Come with a Cost?

You need to pay off all outstanding debts before you can begin the foreclosure procedure. Thus, it is necessary to first obtain a foreclosure statement from the relevant loan customer service in order to verify and pay off any balance that may still be owed on a personal loan.

Please file a foreclosure request at the Loan Centre once all outstanding debts have been paid; the lender will then start to handle your request.

Is It Possible to Use a Personal Loan Amount For Business Purposes, Such Purchasing Raw Materials?

You can apply for a personal loan if you still need money for your business even after you've used up all of the term loan restrictions your bank has permitted. The loan can be utilised for your business, but it will be approved based on your personal credit history.

The Conclusion

After completing the process of cancelling your personal loan, make sure you have an acknowledgement for the money you paid to terminate the arrangement. A copy of the personal loan cancellation documentation will be sent by the lender or financial institution for future reference. After the personal loan account is closed, borrowers can proceed to investigate alternative investment opportunities and credit possibilities.


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