Maximum And Minimum Repayment Tenure in a Personal Loan

Oct 26th 2023

Maximum And Minimum Repayment Tenure in a Personal Loan, Many of us periodically run into financial difficulties when attempting to accomplish our objectives, goals, and aspirations or making particular purchases. It's during these situations that a loan is useful. A loan can help you close the financial deficit more rapidly. Obtaining a loan from a reputable lender, achieving your objectives, and repaying the loan through equal monthly installments are the best course of action. The loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure are the three most crucial factors to consider when applying for a loan. We would delve deeper into the topic of personal loan tenure, also known as personal loan term, for the purposes of this blog post. What is the maximum loan duration for the personal loan?

What Does a Personal Loan Mean?

A personal loan is a type of credit that is not secured and can be obtained from a bank or non-bank financial institution (NBFC) to meet various financial needs. A personal loan is typically utilized to meet financial needs that are private in nature. The following are the most typical applications for personal loans:

  • Buying electronic gadgets and home appliances
  • Funding higher education
  • Taking care of wedding costs
  • Handling an urgent medical situation
  • Having a trip paid for
  • Settling debt with high interest rates

A personal loan is a very popular product for those searching for rapid finance because of its simplicity of application, flexibility in usage, and speedy application to disbursal turnaround time.

What is the Maximum Loan Duration For The Personal Loan

Personal Loans are available from several lenders with different lending terms. The minimum term for a personal loan is usually one year. Lenders often don't give tenures less than a year. Additionally, most lenders have a three- or six-month lock-in term during which the borrower is not permitted to close the loan or prepay it. In a similar vein, the maximum term for a personal loan is normally 60 months. Additionally, certain lenders could give a personal loan with 10 years tenure.

A personal loan with a longer duration has a lower annual percentage rate (EMI), whereas a loan with a shorter period has a higher EMI for the same loan amount and interest rate. Additionally, the interest component of an extended-term loan's equal monthly installment (EMI) is larger than that of a loan with a shorter tenure. The loan duration needs to be carefully chosen. It shouldn't be so costly that you wind up having to pay off the EMI with a sizable portion of your income. On the other hand, the term shouldn't be so long that it forces you to make EMI payments for an extended period of time.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Personal Loan Tenure

When you need money to accomplish your own objectives, a loan might be a wonderful help. To ensure that the EMI does not deplete your funds, you must carefully consider the loan duration. When selecting a Personal Loan duration, keep the following points in mind:

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Evaluate Your Monthly Income Against Your Monthly Expenses

To determine the amount of EMI that has to be paid each month, make a list of all the monthly costs that you must pay.

Observe the Debt-Income Ratio

Ideally, the debt-to-income ratio should not exceed 30–35%; otherwise, debt payment may become problematic. Select a term that maintains control over your EMI and debt-to-income ratio.

Determine the Tenure Using the Interest Rate

A longer tenure makes sense if interest rates are high, as it lowers the monthly installment amount and eases the financial strain on you.

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Use Personal Loan EMI Calculator

When it comes to seeking assistance in regard to the estimation of the EMI in advance, the majority of lenders include a Personal Loan EMI calculator on their websites. By modifying the loan amount, length, and interest rate, you must take full advantage of this (free) instrument and make an educated choice.

Verify Your Credit Score

The interest rate, length of loan, and other terms that you receive are greatly influenced by your credit score, regardless of your loan requirements and financial situation. Make sure your credit score is always above 750 which is considered great by a majority of lenders.


1. What Is a Personal Loan's Minimum Term?

A personal loan must be taken out for a minimum of 12 months.

2. What Are My Options For The Personal Loan Tenure?

The majority of lenders provide variable tenure choices, with a maximum of 60 months and a minimum of 12 months.

3. Can I Get a Personal Loan of 10 Years Tenure?

Yes, there are several lenders available in the market that offer a long-term personal loan. You just need to do some research to find out the same.


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