Guide to Start a Clinic Business in India

Nov 28th 2023
Comprehensive Guide to Start a Clinic Business in India

Guide to Start a Clinic Business in India, If you work in medicine, you will eventually consider "how to start a clinic business." This is a concept that will cross your mind. Even if the solution is straightforward, the method is difficult, drawn out, and demands a great deal of perseverance, patience, fortitude, and hard effort. In this case, it makes sense to make future plans while being in the here and now.

When it comes to opening a new clinic in India, the best way to arrange funds is to opt for a doctor loan. The loan money of a doctor loan is disbursed very quickly in comparison to other loans. If you work as a doctor or other medical professional, you have probably considered opening your own clinic at some point. Starting from zero and developing your own practise may be quite difficult, but it can also be highly rewarding.  It's an easy problem to solve, but getting there takes time, patience, persistence, and consistent work.

Step-by-Step Guide To Start a Clinic Business in India

1. Prepare a business plan

The first step in every company venture is to create an impeccable, thorough, and precise business plan that allows for flexibility and agility to be adjusted in reaction to unforeseen obstacles, conditions, and outcomes. Having an approximate budget for all of your costs—from purchasing supplies for your clinic to covering the rent for the building you occupy—would be great. To achieve these two important objectives, you must create a comprehensive strategy that includes a target for the revenue and disposable income you hope to produce. You may effectively convey your ideas to bankers and lenders with the support of a well-thought-out plan, and they will carefully consider your proposal before granting a doctor loan.

The loan approval procedure can be expedited with a strong and comprehensive plan. It is a good idea to arrange all of the business's planning and documents. In the case of unanticipated events, you should also be ready to manage the clinic and cover daily expenditures. This would cover business continuity planning and insurance. A clinic deals with the lives and health of its patients, thus even a minor mistake can have far-reaching negative effects. In the current scenario, when the coronavirus pandemic has forced many commercial enterprises to function at reduced capacity or not at all in certain instances, firms lacking a strong business continuity strategy are suffering the most.

2. Seek finance

You submit the idea or strategy to the lenders and persuade them of the feasibility of your enterprise and your trustworthiness as a borrower after laying the required foundation. Getting finance would be quite helpful because a lot of lenders provide loan packages that are tailored especially for medical professionals like physicians. Investkraft offers up to INR 20 lakh in unsecured business loans. For doctors who manage their own practises and want to expand, we offer customised Business Loans at competitive interest rates with flexible payback terms of up to 36 months and borrower-friendly repayment alternatives.

3. Finalize a location

The site of your clinic should ideally be chosen based on the traits of your intended customer. For example, it would make sense for a paediatrician to operate a clinic in an area where families with big children are the norm. A facility of this kind ought to include adequate parking as well as amenities for those with disabilities. Therefore, identifying your target client group is essential even before you start looking for the perfect site. It is possible to identify the perfect patient by employing characteristics such as age, wealth, kind of ailment or condition, etc. Potential patients should be able to visit your clinic more easily. 

4. Purchase necessary equipment

After obtaining funds and deciding on a location for the clinic, purchasing suitable, precise, and defect-free equipment is one of the most crucial phases.  The best person to decide what equipment you should purchase to operate a profitable clinic and give your patients the best care possible is you. However, establishing a clinic entails launching a business, thus all equipment and software required to manage an enterprise are non-negotiable. As a consequence, you need to purchase computers and communication equipment for your practise as well as the administrative requirements of your clinic. Your waiting room may require furniture, a water cooler, and other basic amenities, such as magazines and newspapers for your patients, while you attend to the requirements of the patient in question.

5. Staff recruitment

It could be necessary to start this procedure early to keep the staff alert when the clinic reopens. Depending on the practise, licenced nurses and medical experts will be needed. You also need employees to handle payments and a lot of paperwork. It would be advantageous to have a staff to manage the finances and taxes. It's crucial to hire people who share your values and beliefs. It is essential that your aims and objectives coincide with the staff's in order to create a win-win scenario where everyone is happy—the patient, the staff, and you. This will guarantee that the patient gets excellent treatment and support. 

6. Promote your business

Marketing is necessary to increase brand awareness and recognition. You can only provide value if you can effectively communicate it to your target audience. Marketing is essential to turning potential into reality. It's easy to fall behind the competition if you don't have a strong marketing plan. These days, a business's ability to succeed online depends on its internet presence. As a result, you may spend money on a comprehensive website that provides visitors with an overview of your clinic and the services it offers. You can describe how using your clinic's services would enable the prospective patient to receive the greatest medical care possible or find relief from their problems. Click here to apply for a business loan.


Q1. What does a doctor loan mean?

Ans: A doctor loan is useful in a variety of circumstances. To meet your unique professional demands and support the expansion of your medical practise, apply for an Investkraft Business Loan for Doctors. Medical practitioners may establish a solid foundation during clinic setup with the support of Investkraft. All it will take is a simple, fast method to get you the money you require to reach your objectives.

Q2. What is the maximum amount one can get under a doctor loan?

Ans: At Investkraft, we give finance of up to Rs. 20 lakh under a doctor loan.

Q3. Is a doctor loan similar to a personal loan?

Ans: Yes, more or less, a doctor loan is equivalent to a personal loan.


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