5 Major Elements of a Loan Against Property (LAP)

Nov 28th 2023

Things To Know Before Applying For Loan Against Property (LAP), As everyone knows, the majority of people have experienced financial, psychological, and bodily effects from the COVID-19 epidemic. Many people found that it was too difficult to deal with the financial crisis on their own without outside assistance. It might involve taking out personal loans from friends or family or using financial organizations' lending products. These financial firms provide a variety of lending options. Depending on the circumstances, it may be an unsecured or secured loan.

You have the option of using Loan Against Property (LAP) as loan collateral. As such, there are no particular property types for LAP. You might use a loan secured by business property or get it on your personal property. An online LAP application can also help you from the comforts of your home. To finish the process and receive the loan, all you have to do is submit the loan against the necessary property documentation.

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Benefits of Loan Against Property

Below are the major advantages of choosing a Loan Against Property.

Lower rate of interest

Since the loan is secured, there is less risk for the lenders; as a result, the LAP interest rate is lower than that of other loans. This is seen as one of a LAP's main benefits. Additionally, because the interest rate is lower, there are fewer installment payments due, making it more affordable.

Continued possession of property

The ownership of the property stays with you alone, even if you have mortgaged it to a bank in order to obtain a loan. The property remains yours even after you have paid back your debt. The finest thing about this loan would be that ownership and possession are not transferred. You can obtain a loan by mortgaging several kinds of real estate, such as rental or owner-occupied properties, for LAP. You may be eligible for a loan secured by either residential or commercial real estate.

Extended loan repayment tenure

Unlike unsecured loans, which have a shorter payback period, when you submit your online LAP application and obtain a loan when it is sanctioned, you will be given an extended repayment tenure. Because LAP permits longer repayment terms and cheaper interest rates, it is therefore a profitable choice. Long repayment terms also divide the total amount paid back into smaller installments.

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Distributed fund disbursement

LAP provides you with the benefit of partial loan disbursement, allowing you to keep the remaining cash for a later phase and collect a portion of your loan amount. This service is especially helpful if you have taken out a loan to pay for construction. Additionally, you can request that the sanctioned amount be distributed in numerous tranches as needed, with interest only being charged on the amount actually dispensed.

Extended loan amount

A LAP can assist you in managing your large-ticket spending for both personal and professional purposes. Due to the fact that the loan is secured and can finance between 75% and 100% of the property's market value, the loan amount is larger. It also offers longer terms and cheaper interest rates because it is a collateral-based loan.

5 Core Elements of a Loan Against Property

Take into consideration the following crucial items while submitting your online LAP application and all the necessary documentation for loans secured by real estate. 

 Assessment of the property 

To get LAP, a variety of property kinds may be mortgaged to the lending organisation. It will assess your property's market value by comparing it to current market rates. Upon correct documentation submission and property appraisal, the lender may approve a loan amount up to 70–80% of the property's worth. As a result, the value assigned to your property may vary depending on the lender.

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Loan repayment tenure

The debtors are given an extended payback period by the lenders for LAP. Lender to lender generally has different terms for loan repayment. A few lenders provide LAP for a maximum of 15 years. You have to strike a balance between tenure and EMIs as a borrower. If your loan period is longer, the compounding effect may have an impact on your EMIs due to fluctuating interest rates.

Interest rate

Even while LAP interest rates are far lower than those of personal loans, it is still advisable to conduct market research and compare interest rates. Furthermore, remember that different lending organisations have various interest rates, so take your time applying for a fast loan. For instance, various lenders will offer varying interest rates on loans secured by commercial real estate.

Property ownership

As security, many kinds of property are given to LAP, the ownership of which need to be evident. If the property you are promising to the lending institutions is contested or the supporting documentation is contradictory or lacking, they have the right to refuse your loan application. For instance, as the only owner, you must have access to all required documentation in the event of a loan secured by commercial real estate. A loan cannot be taken out against a piece of property if there are joint owners without consent.

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Loan processing charges

Processing fees are assessed by lending institutions in accordance with their terms and conditions. It might be a minimum/maximum fix-cap amount, or it could be between 0.5% and 2% of the loan amount that has been approved. Therefore, you shouldn't be chosen just on the basis of interest rates. It is preferable to take into account the processing expenses associated with obtaining an LAP.


Can I borrow money secured by my home?

Yes, you are able to use the loan for both your home and business properties, as long as you keep enjoying its use.

If I have joint ownership of the property, will I be able to obtain a loan against it?

It's true that you can still apply for a loan if you co-own the property. All property owners ought to be co-applicants for the loan, nevertheless.

Can another person co-apply for a loan secured by property?

Yes, a financial co-applicant may also be eligible for the loan. Specifically, this is based on bank policy.

The Conclusion

The best way for you as a property owner to meet your financial demands is with a loan secured by your property. All you need is a reliable lender who provides the loan option that meets your demands. Investkraft makes an effort to comprehend customer needs and provide them with the highest value and advantages. Examine the characteristics and advantages of the loan against property products from Investkraft. Feel free to get in touch with our staff if you need individualised help completing your loan application.


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