Importance Of MSME In Indian Economy In 2023

Feb 13th 2024
Crucial Role of MSMEs in India's Economy 2023

Importance of MSME in the Indian Economy, Even though the industry has been in India since the country's independence, the Government of India only publicly used the phrase "Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises" in 2006. The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act of 2006 was used to accomplish this. Since that time, the Ministry of MSME (MoMSME) has been in charge of managing and regulating the sector, which is made up of organizations involved in the production, manufacture, processing, or preservation of products and commodities. It is now widely acknowledged that the MSME sector significantly contributes to India's GDP and economy. To discover more about MSME and its contribution to India's economic development, keep reading.

What Are MSMEs?

MSMEs were formerly categorized according to whether they were manufacturing or service-based businesses. Recent revisions have changed the categorization scheme, combining both groups under a single heading. According to investment size and yearly turnover, the new categorization is as follows:

  • Micro - Businesses classified as micro-enterprises have an investment cap of $25,000 or less.
  • Small - Small firms are those with investments of more than 25 lakh rupees but less than 5 crores.
  • Medium - Businesses classified as medium firms have an investment of at least 5 crores but not more than 10 crores.

This categorization is important because it allows your business to be recognized as an MSME and have access to government programs and subsidies.

Role Of MSME In the Indian Economy

The Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries and the Ministry of Small Scale Industries amalgamated in 1961. The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (M/o MSME) was established as a result of this merger.

The MSME sector, which was in charge of creating and producing a wide range of goods, was under the ministry's control. The industry served both home and foreign markets. The expansion and development of the Khadi, Village, and Coir industries have been tremendously aided by MSMEs. MSMEs have also benefited from assistance from state governments, stakeholders, and various ministries, which has allowed them to grow.

More than 63 million MSMEs now exist across the nation as a result of the passing of the years. Statistics over time demonstrate how the MSME sector has contributed the majority of the nation's GDP. MSMEs were responsible for 30% of India's GDP in FY20. For people nationally, the MSME sector has also created a lot of job prospects.

MSMEs have contributed significantly and very economically to the industrialization of the nation's rural areas. Additionally, MSMEs have contributed to roughly 40% of India's overall exports in terms of world commerce.

The sector was recognized for having played a crucial role in India's economic recovery even during the COVID-19 pandemic-related economic crisis. The industry has become stronger as a result of government initiatives including subordinate debt reduction, equity injection, the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme, etc.

You may start your entrepreneurial adventure now that you are more aware of the significance of MSME in the economic growth of the country.

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Contribution Of MSME To the Indian Economy

Here are a few areas of the Indian economy where the MSME influence is important for economic growth:


As of August 2022, the percentage of MSME exports to the overall exports of the nation was 42.67%. In FY22, Indian MSME exports to the US alone were valued at $54.7 billion, while those to the UAE were at $13.4 billion.


Employment In India, MSMEs employ 40% of the nation's labor force. They help industrialize underdeveloped areas by creating jobs even in rural locations.


Young business owners own many of the new-generation MSMEs that were founded in the nation, particularly following the epidemic. Additionally, many recent grads are dipping their toes into starting new enterprises, particularly in the technology sector.


B2B automation firms, which provide cutting-edge concepts to automate machines and processes, make up a sizeable portion of new-age small enterprises. Small businesses are also available that provide B2B services aimed at enhancing sustainability. This is steadily improving India's capacity for invention and technological advancement.


What Is The New Definition Of MSMEs?

The MSME requirements for manufacturing units and service businesses used to be different. For the classification of MSMEs, manufacturing and service businesses are no longer separated.

Previously, MSMEs relied on investments. The company's yearly revenue is now included in the updated definition of MSMEs.

What Is No. Of MSMEs Are Present In India?

More than nine crore MSMEs, or 1/3 of India's GDP, are estimated to exist in the country by the Ministry of MSME. Of the 9 crore MSMEs, 1.5 crore are GST registered. With simple Udyam Registration, there is potential for growth in MSME numbers in the upcoming years.

What Makes India Relies So Much On MSME Sector?

By 2025, the Indian government wants to have a $5 trillion economy. To achieve this aim, MSME has emerged as a significant employer, opening up a plethora of professional prospects for India's youthful, energetic populace. 

The Conclusion

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